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Most important advantages of PQ-FMEA+

  • less time necessary to prepare analyses
  • considerable improvement of team work
  • work standardization in the field of FMEA analyses
  • cooperation of various departments
  • easy modifications
  • easy FMEA documentation management
  • data integrity

They have already started using PQ-FMEA+

On behalf of P.P.F. Hasco-Lek S.A. I wish to recommend PQ-FMEA (…). The program has facilitated our work, and analyses have become transparent and clear. Its essential forte is easy operation. Users can easily build fault trees whose elements are automatically moved to the form, add other elements in the form (…).
Management Board Deputy President MPharm Jolanta Stańczak
Senior Technologist MPharm Tomasz Kuczyński
(…) we have decided to purchase PQ-FMEA software which substantially facilitates FMEA analyses. A user-friendly interface makes our work easy, pleasurable and intuitive. I need to stress a big advantage of the program, it was enriched with control plan component. I recommend PQ-FMEA to all those who think about a proper FMEA analysis software.
Piotr Skwarczyński – Planning Department
Krzysztof Potera – Production Preparation Manager
I think I have tested all FMEA analysis programs available on the market but PQ-FMEA+ is unrivalled! Fast analyses, simplicity and intuitiveness, as well as numerous well-planned facilities make creating analyses much more effective than it used to be. Smooth management of the entire documentation is another advantage.
I never thought hat FMEA method could be so simple. PQ-FMEA+ literally “leads you by the hand” and does not let you make mistakes. I recommend it!
When we tested a demo we realized that this FMEA software had been developed by true practitioners. Well-thought functions, reliability, clarity and intuitiveness. The software made by professionals for professionals. I do recommend it!
It is just a solid software – transparent, reliable. This is what a software should be.
I installed the 7 day trial yesterday and really like it already. Thank you very much.
I’ll switch to the full version of course. ☺
Project Coordinator, Manufacturing Plant ,USA



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